Now 9 months smoke free

Before working with Zoe I smoked between 15 – 30 cigarettes a day, I hated it, I hated the smell of it, the taste, the dependency, it did nothing to satisfy me.
It was lovely to work with Zoe, she doesn’t have a judging bone in her body, I loved the help she could offer me.
Now I haven’t touched a cigarette or roll up for 9 months and I love it. Some days when stress hits any thought of smoking gets turned off very fast with disgust at the thought of smoking.
Anyone who has thought about hypnotherapy, or has trouble giving up then I highly recommend it.

I 100% recommend it!

Before working with Zoe I couldn’t leave my house without having a full on meltdown. I would avoid leaving just so I didn’t have to feel all these overwhelming feelings.
I loved working with Zoe, she is calm and understanding.
Now I can leave the house, I can get on with my day to day tasks without worrying or stressing as much. I can even go out for a day on my own with out a thought to plan.
I will always tell people to seek out hypnotherapy now and I tell them of my own experience. I 100% recommend it.

It has improved my confidence

Working with Zoe I felt well supported and listened to, and received some useful information to help me reframe, understand and address my situation. I came for help because I had had a year of poor sleep, and problems with stress and anxiety affecting my digestion and causing discomfort and pain.

Now my stress is much reduced, I feel less anxious, and when I use the techniques provided, I do sleep better. It has improved my confidence that I can do something to help myself. I would encourage everyone to try hypnotherapy, especially if overwhelmed by physical or emotional feelings. It helped me to feel more in control, rather than being controlled.

It has given me my confidence back

I began working with Zoe because I was suffering from insomnia, anxiety and stress. My experience was amazing, Zoe is friendly, professional and talks you through every step of the way. This process has changed the way I think about things, I have rationalised my thought process and it has given me my confidence back. I would recommend Zoe to anyone, and if you are thinking about hypnotherapy then go for it. It has helped me more than I could ever had imagined.

The perfect way to refocus

My physical symptoms of anxiety had returned and were impacting my day.  I was struggling to sleep and numerous tasks were causing me to panic and were preoccupying my thoughts.  I wanted to gain control before the symptoms became debilitating.  My experience of working with you was entirely positive, the sessions fitted around work and parenting so I could fully engage.  I gained focus on what was causing my anxiety and found practical steps I could take each week to feel better.  Visualising what I could do differently felt as though I had already achieved it , so then doing it in real life seemed much easier.  I was overwhelmed and trapped in a cycle now I have applied for a job I wanted and start on Monday! I have recommended this to so many people, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain, it is the perfect way to refocus and achieve a better balance in your wellbeing.

You have nothing to lose

It could help you just like it helped me.  I was having bad days and hadn’t realised how many things were bothering me.  I wake up feeling better and not stressed.  You have built up my confidence and now I feel I can conquer what life throws at me without bursting into tears! I am calm, confident and fully prepared.  I wasn’t sure I believed it could work but it definitely has!